Time to hunt for a flat, get some insurance too!

Time to hunt for a flat, get some insurance too!


A timely reminder in the Herald today, especially for those students about to start the year and are flat hunting.

If you're renting you need to have some level of contents cover. Ideally enough to cover the replacement of your possessions but more importantly cover for damage you may be liable for.

If you are in a renting situation and your name is on the rental agreement, you are responsible for any damage caused by you, your flatmates and your visitors. Being a student in student accommodation, it's probably doubly important as you can have all sorts arrive on your door step and an impromptu get together can get out of hand resulting in damage you'll have to pay for.

The easy one to identify is the spilt red wine on the light carpet, but other more significant things can happen. This NZ Herald article has a few pointers and recent realities

There has been a case in recent history where cooking left unattended has resulted in the house burning down.The students involved are probably still paying off the rebuild of the house.

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