Selecting the right insurance cover

Insurance and finance can sometimes be a bit daunting; we will try to unpack it for you in a way you understand.

Whether you already have cover, or you are looking at getting covered, there are things that need consideration, when selecting the right policy for you.

Even if you already have cover, it may not be well suited to your current needs. This can be due to a number of reasons. 

Things have changed, budget constraints at the time, limited advice received on the selection of cover or limited cover available, these are but a few reasons but can have a significant impact at claim time, if they are not regularly reviewed.

In some situations, we have found multiple policies that cover the same things for the same reasons. In others, we find an overlap between products. While in many cases this may not be a lot of difference in cover, it is premium potentially spent unnecessarily, which does add up over time.

If you are self-employed, there are a range of risks and situations that are not as simple as for those employed. For example, if you are self-employed you pay ACC Levies directly, if you also have income protection as well, you may be paying more for your risk protection than you need to, we can help with this too.

Everyone is different, at different stages of life and in different situations, one size does not fit all. What did suit five years ago or even 12 months ago, may not fit as well today.

A regular review with an adviser will ensure your risk management is both appropriate for you now, as well as continuing to be appropriate for you in the future.

We have thought about how you might use this website. Rather than just give you another annoying website with a list of products, we have taken an approach to situations that may apply to you and how we would go about solving them. We hope that this will help you decide to use us to help arrange your insurance protection. To ensure the claim, you need, gets paid and gives you the financial support you expect it to.

If you still want the list of the boring product bits, you will find them under our FAQ section.


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