According to the stats, almost half of KiwiSaver members are not in the most effective fund to maximise their returns for retirement. 1 in 3 are unsure where their KiwiSaver account is invested.

For some, it is a choice to be there, for some good reasons. Others it is because they have not had the advice they needed when they joined and haven't reviewed it.

There are 4 key areas that KiwiSaver members don't understand well, take this quick survey to see if you can improve your retirement outcome.


Why do we care?

As your risk adviser insuring you while you are working to maintain your lifestyle in a disability is important and a key issue. Protecting your contributions to your retirement savings is also a consideration when we give insurance advice. Being on a disability claim for 20 years will impact your ability to save for retirement.

We can protect you and a level your contributions to KiwSaver through to age 65 or 70. However, if your approach to retirement savings isn't managed well you may still have a problem. We might get you to retirement financially with income protection insurance and find there isn't sufficient retirement income to get you much further.

We continue to see people with KiwiSaver products that are not working as well as they should from the simple questions we ask. 

There appears to be a cost barrier to accessing even simple KiwiSaver advice, we feel this is a massive hole in the creation of wealth for New Zealanders. 

We feel there is significant value to be given by helping New Zealand workers and KiwiSaver members understand the scheme and how they can best utilise it.

Ultimately we want you making the best decisions for you, increasing your knowledge through education is how we do this.

While we will give you personalised advice on your Life & Health Insurance we are not authorised to give personal advice for investments and we are only able to give what is general class advice on KiwiSaver. This is effectively explaining the scheme and how it works so you can make better decisions.

If you are in the need for personalised investment advice, we can introduce you to a qualified Authorised Financial Adviser to do this for you.

If you are interested in knowing more, take this quick survey to see if you can improve your retirement outcome.

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