One of the key challenges you, as a customer, have is knowing, what a good deal actually looks like.

How do we know? Our clients have told us.

We take getting the right cover at the best rate for you seriously, and we research every situation we give advice on. Primarily we use Quality Product Research and Strategy Financial Services research in our analysis of client situations.

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Why do we use two?

Both have their strengths and one is more appropriate than the other in different situations. QPR is great for a package view for personal risks, giving us a great view of the market both on premium and product quality. Where Strategy has it's strengths is in the more diversified risks, where medical conditions mean a package approach isn't appropriate, or there are business elements or business risks, that QPR doesn't show well.

Then there's the good old fashioned reading the policy wordings. Research is a great guide, but knowing what the policy wording actually says, is the most important thing. And sometimes we plain disagree with the research.

An example of this is a rating from both providers that considered a product equal to others in the area of pregnancy complications. This product, while specifically stating it provided cover, didn't pay until the pregnancy had ended and wouldn't pay in a public hospital admission situation. Given public hospital is where you end up if you have pregnancy complications, this particular policy's pregnancy complication benefit was worthless. For clients of child bearing age or intending to have children, it would be malpractice for us to recommend this product in these situations.

For older lives, those who don't plan to have children or have had their children, this is a non issue. So it is about what is appropriate in your situation, as insurance products are not all created equal.

If you want to have a look at what is most appropriate for you, schedule a review and we can have a chat about your situation, what you need and which companies are the most appropriate for you to be covered by.

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