You are interested in how you insure your possessions and protect yourself from liability claims.

For most people this is their house, their car and their contents. It can also include your boat, trailer, caravan, motorbike and mobile home.

On the business side, it is your commercial buildings, plant and equipment, vehicles, stock and transport of stock, directors and officers covers as well as professional and public liability.

As well, an endless list of other situations you may have.

What are the issues you face insuring your things?

The largest one is getting the amount of cover right. The very close second is the right sort of cover for your situation.

Under insurance is a common problem at claim time. With the new rebuild value approach to house insurance, this is a significant area of risk for under insurance though over insurance is also possible.

The statistics would suggest if you have not had a close look at the rebuild value of your property you could be one of the 75% who are underinsured. Our blog article may be of interest to you.