Who do we know?

Knowing where to go and who to trust is often a key question with the big things in life. We get that, and we often get the question when people are tackling things that are a bit outside their normal place to go.

Over the years we have developed a substantial network of trusted professionals, people that we are happy to use ourselves and have conducted themselves in excess of our expectations. So we're happy to pass on the introduction or share their details here.

  • If we have someone that we are suggesting that is listed here, we have been impressed with their work, however, we're not endorsing them for your particular circumstances and you need to ensure you ask the appropriate questions to ensure they are suitable for your needs.
  • If we have professionals in an area that we have listed here, but haven't provided direct details, it is due to legal or regulatory requirements we are under to ensure suitability and/or we want to ensure we qualify the right people and connect them based on suitability of situation. i.e. Law firms have a number of departments and people specialising in different areas, connecting you with the right person is critical to ensuring you are talking with the best person without being handed around.

For this reason we have split this into two distinct themes:

Take me to the Personal Providers Take me to the Business Providers


If you are a client or contact of ours that we work with and you would like your business listed here, please contact J-P and we can chat about how that works.


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