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 ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) is New Zealand's unique no fault accident rehabilitation and support system

What are they and how do they work?

There are three reasons you would be asking this question.

In basic terms income protection replaces a percentage of your income when you cannot work in your own occupation for a medical or injury reason. 

The aim is to provide 75-80% of your in the hand earnings to you at claim time.

Life cover as it is marketed is insurance cover in the event of death. You will often hear it referred to as Life Insurance, which is a range of products and Life Assurance as it assures the life insured that their family’s financial well-being will be taken care of. This does assume you have sufficient levels of cover to do so.

In the section, managing medical expense we talk about managing medical expenses and some of the things you need to consider with your planning around medical expenses.

Here we are going to discuss the specifics of medical insurance covers.

A monthly disablity insurance that pays your mortgage repayment when you cannot, due to a medical or accident disability.

Worried about forced job loss? Insuring your income for being made redundant is possible as part of your income protection planning

With total permanent disability (TPD), we can insure you for a lump sum amount if you are so disabled that you will never work in your own occupation ever again.

Or critical illness, vital care, dreads disease cover, living assurance to name a few that it is called.

Not to be confused with the medical tourism mentioned in the medical insurance coverage, this is about your medical expenses cover when you are travelling outside New Zealand, and Australia if your medical policy covers you in Australia.

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