Not to be confused with the medical tourism mentioned in the medical insurance coverage, this is about your medical expenses cover when you are travelling outside New Zealand, and Australia if your medical policy covers you in Australia.

Medical insurance is about your medical costs when you are in New Zealand. If you are overseas and need treatment and you can get back to New Zealand, then yes your medical insurance can cover the costs of treatment once you are back in New Zealand.

If you are traveling overseas, you need to arrange travel insurance, ideally with travel delay and interruption as well as cover for your personal effects. By far the most expensive aspect of travelling is medical treatment and medical evacuation. It is easy to incur costs of $150,000 plus for medical treatment in the USA or for an emergency medical evacuation even from the Pacific Islands. Being insured correctly when you are traveling will protect you from unexpected financial surprises with your travel.

This area is an area that needs specialist advice; because people find out too late, their cover for their travel was not the right one or good enough. Travel insurance is the area of insurance that receives the most complaints. We encourage you to get specialist advice so you do not have a sour taste to the end of your otherwise wonderful trip.

Because of this, we do refer all of our clients to a specialist travel insurance adviser, who only does travel insurance. Looking to visit New Zealand and need cover while you are here, this can be arranged too. If you want us to put you in touch, give us a call.

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