Sometimes with insurance claims and complaint advocation, you feel like this guy on the left.

Even the best laid plans can fall by the wayside. This means that sometimes you need to get assistance with managing a claim. Or you need to progress a complaint to ensure you get the support or remedy you were promised from the company or insurer you were dealing with.

Sometimes you just need some advice on where to go next.

As insurance advisers, it’s our job to not only to help you get the best insurance cover for your needs, but to also be here to help if you need to claim on your policies. We have been quite successful in assisting people to get what they were promised and paid for with their insurance cover.

If you need some help with your insurance claim or complaint, give us a call. Having a chat with us about your situation does not cost anything initially and we can chat about what helping you may cost. If you are not an existing Willowgrove Consulting client, depending on what the situation is, we do charge for this help. However, sometimes it may be included in what we would consider normal advice under the commission model our industry works on.

Some examples we have assisted in are:

  • Early settlement of trauma claims
  • Review of historic medical claims
  • Review of current medical claims to get a positive outcome
  • Management of disability claims to protect existing policies and advance claim payment
  • Review of ACC Claims decisions and weekly compensation outcomes
  • Review of replacement insurance where benefits have been lost or ill-advised decisions have been taken
  • Review and refund of premiums

How We Can Help with Your Insurance Claims

We can operate as your advocate to prepare and present claims and claim options on your behalf. We are not lawyers, but we have often found with the situations we have assisted with, the law often has very little to do with problematic insurance claims. It is usually an issue of information and communication in relation to policy content and policy coverage. This is where we work best with our clients and our relationships with ACC and insurers become an important part of achieving a fair outcome.

If there is a need for legal advice, we do have suitably qualified representatives that we do consult with. If your answer is one of a legal matter we will discuss this as and when this is required.

We are specialists in Life Insurance, covering Life Cover, Trauma Cover, Income & Mortgage Protection, Redundancy Insurance, Total Permanent Disablement Insurance and Medical Insurance, including all of the different flavours and labels these benefits appear under. We are not specialists in general insurance, property and liability covers or travel insurance. If you have queries or questions in these areas we will not advise directly on these. However, do get in touch as we can direct you to people who may be able to help.

If you are looking for assistance with your insurance claim or insurance complaint, your first port of call should be to give J-P a ring on, 021 022 69127.

Helping Others with Insurance Claims and Complaint Advocation

Often when the worst happens, funds are tight. This means people who are in need of our services often battle it out on their own, rather than seek professional advice. If you are looking for a way to help us help people in need of our services, please give us a call.

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