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We are largely a no-cost service to you, talking to an adviser does not cost you anything and there is no obligation to take our advice. Though we like to think we know what we are talking about, and our clients tell us so. While our first meeting is at no cost to you, we do have both commission (no additional cost to you) and fee for service options with our service to you.

What we do know is when you don't get the right advice, this stuff, often doesn't work in the way you expect it. Getting good advice is critical when you really need to rely on it.

Advice specific to your situation, called personal advice, needs some detail about you and your situation to both be accurate and useful for you. If you are looking for general information, then the Insurance and Blog Sections above are a useful place to start to gain an understanding of what you may want further advice on.

If you are looking for advice specific to your personal or business situation, the most efficient way to get this, is to book time, just for you, with one of our advisers

You can schedule time with an adviser, either in person, schedule a phone, or Skype meeting, to discuss your situation and answer your questions.

Looking for a face to face meeting?

There is more information on this booking system and how to use it below.



















We appreciate that every situation is unique and may require some technical details to be covered, we want to ensure you have the time allocated to cover this for you. Also understanding that you could be here on the website at an unusual time of the day (when we're not working) or advisers are already talking to, or with, other clients.

Select your time in the scheduling tool above to directly book time with Jon-Paul or Kim. The booking system will require a valid mobile phone number and email address to complete your appointment booking.

  • For a phone appointment, please enter Phone in the location box, we will call you.
  • For a video meeting enter, please enter Video in the location box, we will send you a link to Zoom or Skype.
  • For a face to face meeting, enter the meeting address in the location box.
    It will default to the Willowgrove Consulting Albany Office.

    If in the Auckland area and other appointments permitting, meeting at another location is possible.
    Expect a call from us to confirm details in this case.

Alternatively, Contact Us with an email and we'll respond as soon as we can.

We get annoyed with spam too, we will only use your email address for our interactions and it will not be passed to a third party or used to spam you with messages, though if you become a client we will add you to our quarterly email newsletter.

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