Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Here we are, 2018! Happy New Year!

One of the consistent things we have heard over the last few years is 'I cannot wait for this year to end; it has been the worst'.

Which is interesting as some of the people we have heard this from have said this every year for the last few years.

My question to you is; so what are you going to do differently?

Because the majority of people have been doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. In one proverb, that is the definition of insanity.

On a slightly different level, we see it manifest as depression and anxiety. We posture that the proverb is changed to "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, will drive you insane."

I know I am doing a number of things that are different and I am expecting a different result.

When it comes to this time of year, it is often associated with resolutions and promises to be better. Often failing to materialise when the pressure of normal life returns.

So rather than make hollow promises to yourself, commit to making some minor changes that are easier to sustain and better for you in the long term.

  • We know more veggies in your diet will improve your health. Rather than go vegetarian, maybe commit to a main vegetarian meal a couple of times a week.
  • Weight loss, boy has this been done to death! We know the basics, less calories in than calories out. However, it is not as simple as that. Often it is the hidden calories.

Here are a few things that have shown to work when sustained over the longer term for some of the typical resolutions:


  • If you go for the diet or equal option, swap back to the natural option initially. The artificial sweaters are causing you to overeat in other areas because the expected calories did not show up, your brain is working against you.
  • Dropping added sugar out of your diet, i.e. coffee and tea. I know people who add six sugars to coffee... The strategy here is to break the habit slowly and adjust your tastes. Maybe a half or whole teaspoon less for a week or two at a time, until you do not need it at all.
  • Swapping juice and soda for flavoured water, then finally just water. We know liquids hide the greatest number of sugar-based calories. Removing the sugar from your drinks is the best way to head off a significant portion of artificial calories with little impact on the rest of your diet, which could be quite good otherwise.
  • Exercise, buy a Fitbit, with heart rate monitor, and set some step goals. We know walking is one of the healthiest ways to add exercise to your routine. It is surprising what you can achieve by being a little more active.
  • Join a gym, well maybe, if it is your thing, otherwise you will do what I did, pay the membership for six months and not show up. Not my thing, only do it if it is your thing.
  • Go swimming, a great low impact exercise that is great for cardio fitness.
  • Go walking in the bush, funny enough this hits a few things. Exercise yes, but also gives you a break from the concrete jungle and reconnects you with nature. Take the kids too; they will enjoy it, eventually :)


  • The perennial NY resolution, if the tax hike does not get you motivated, your health should. Of all things that impact longevity smoking is the one that has the most impact. Ok, some will say life is about living, again life is also your choice.
  • For those considering their options, Quitline is one and nicotine patches, often heavily subsidised or fully funded.
    As for e-cig and vaping, while some of these have aspects that should be healthier, some serious complications can develop, popcorn lung being one.
  • As for your insurance premiums, non-smoking is non-smoking, so e-cig and vaping won't reduce your premiums. You will still be considered a smoker.


  • Frankly, this is my favourite, as it can lead to some profound changes that positively impact your health including in the weight and smoking areas.
  • Meditation, the whole area of mindfulness has had a significant lift in the last 12-18 months. A calm mind in our busy world will help you make better decisions.
  • Understand your subconscious will take shortcuts, that is why we have so many bad habits. Which is also why having someone external helping you through your journey is important to your success.
  • Yoga, no not the western get out your lycra type, though it is a component, I am talking about the traditional form of Yoga, mind, body and spirit. There have been some astounding improvements in health with those that have engaged in this when western medicine is busy saying they have a pill that sort of works but doesn't. Start by talking to Vandana; she will talk you through a program that suits your needs.
  • A coach. Someone professionally for your business performance,
    • Alec is excellent in the area of financial performance and
    • Jerome is awesome with the finer points of you that need development and awareness to enhance your personal performance.
    • AJ Pipe, need someone to be accountable to and will kick your butt when you need it, AJ is awesome with this. The others will too; it is a matter of horses for courses.

Parents and partners:

  • Do a parenting course, so you want to be a better parent? do a class, The Parenting Place is a great resource open for all. I know we are not taught this, and we rinse and repeat what our parents did. Yes, I know you have had that thought, I sound just like mum or dad... The only way you are going to do better here is to get educated, in the same way, you would for any other role in life you want to take on. Parenting is no different; you just don't need a license to do it.
  • Has it been a rocky few months? Not really surprising, we see the most relationship turmoil at this time of year and this year seems to be no better than any other. Even if you have been fine, you may want to polish up your game. See a relationship counsellor, no not because there's a problem because you want to bring your relationship together stronger. Like parenting, our relationship skills could also do with a class or two, the program put together by Relationship Therapy Inc, is a good place to start without diving straight into couples counselling.


  • Is it debt or maybe it is just some budgeting? We can help connect you with the right people to sort this for you.
  • Is it risk management, insurance, wills, trusts, or health & safety, and other ways to mitigate risk in your life, this is what we specialise in, give us a call.

Whatever you have decided to do/not do, good luck with it and have a beautiful 2018!

Jon-Paul Hale

Written by : Jon-Paul Hale

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