Business Health and Safety: Does This Mean Me?

Business Health and Safety: Does This Mean Me?

When it comes to business health and safety, it may seem like the world’s gone mad. Since the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, business owners are sitting in one of two camps. They are either thinking it is over the top and doesn’t affect them, or they are taking the new regulations seriously. In general, it’s the small businesses, the work at homers, the hobby businesses and the sole operators who think it doesn’t affect them.

Wrong. Business health and safety affects all businesses thanks to the introduction of a new entity, the PCUB or Person Conducting Business of Undertaking. That means yes, the Act does apply to you if you are doing something for a reward or gain.

But I Work from Home. Business Health and Safety Doesn’t Affect Me

Heading back to what a PCUB is, if you work, own or run a business, you are a PCUB regardless of your income and where you work. If you stay at home making baby clothes and sell them via Facebook, you’re a PCUB. If you are a property investor, but have a different full-time job, you’re a PCUB. You’re even a PCUB is you sell things via a market stall.

As a PCUB, it is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of:

  • You, people who work for you and people around you while people are working
  • Anyone whose activities are influenced by you while you or your workers are working

In a nutshell, you need to keep people safe in and around your workplace. This is done by carrying out a workplace risk assessment to find out what the hazards are. From here, you then form a plan to eliminate or reduce those hazards causing injuries by making a control action plan.

WorkSafe NZ has created a handy resource: a PDF brochure titled Health and Safety Leadership. It gives greater details about the roles of the PCUB and information about how to write your own business health and safety plan.

However, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t want to create your own plan, or know that your business environment is too complicated to do it on your own, we can help. As the HSWA fits within the areas of both ACC and insurance, we help our clients arrange the creation and implementation of an H&S policy which suits their business perfectly. We then use this to help manage your ACC and insurance risks much more cost effectively.

Once an accident occurs, you’re reactive rather than proactive. Now is the time to get your business health and safety sorted and avoid a visit from WorkSafe. Give us a call today and let’s chat about what you need and get the ball rolling.

Jon-Paul Hale

Written by : Jon-Paul Hale

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